Has a hospital stay, recent injury or just coming-of-age as a senior presented a need for medical equipment? Services for Older Citizens has a medical loan closet with equipment and supplies for seniors to borrow at no charge. 

SOC relies on the generous donations from our community to keep the loan closet full. Our supplies of items constantly change depending on seniors’ needs, as well as donations received. If there is a specific item you need that is not on the list, please call and we will place you on a “Need List.”

Items SOC often has in the Lending Closet:

  • Wheelchairs/Accessories: standard wheelchairs, cushions and trays
  • Crutches, Walkers, and Canes/Accessories: crutches, folding walkers (with or without wheels), rolling walkers with folded seat, canes, quad canes, walker extensions, replacement tips, trays, baskets for walkers, tennis balls for gliding.
  • Bath and Shower Accessories: bath benches (with or without back), transfer tub benches, extended foot brushes, extended back sponges, safety tub bars, portable shower heads
  • Toileting Items: commode chairs and raised toilet seats (accepted only if new), adult incontinence briefs (with or without tabs: all sizes), male guards, feminine products, under pads, flannel rubber bed pads, disposable washcloths
  • Aids for Daily Living: reachers, dressing sticks, sock aides, step stools, cast and bandage protectors, long shoe horns, 42” leg lifters, pill boxes, magnifying glasses, bedside support rails, ramps
  • Cushions: gel foam
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Miscellaneous items: procedure masks, latex gloves, diaper wipes, standard head phones, telephones, fans

SOC welcomes all donations to help keep our medical and supply closet full. Items that we often run low on are adult incontinence briefs, male guards and feminine products. For more information, please contact Services for Older Citizens at (313) 882-9600.