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Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare OpenĀ Enrollment: October 15 – December 7
Prescription Drug and Medicare Advantage Plans

During Medicare Open Enrollment, everyone eligible for Medicare has the chance to review and make changes to their Medicare coverage for the new calendar year. You can change your prescription drug coverage as well as any supplemental or Medicare Advantage plans you’ve elected.

At the same time, insurance companies sponsoring these plans can change their benefits as well as premiums. Most prescription drug plans also change their plan formulary – the list of covered drugs. So it is a good idea to review your current coverage and make sure the plans you have are still the best choices for you.

For prescription drug coverage, a personalized plan search will help estimate your projected costs under all your plan choices based on the specific drugs you take. You can do this search yourself by using the Medicare website at www.medicare.gov. In addition, SOC has partnered with the Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP), which has trained volunteers who can help. For individual assistance from a MMAP volunteer, contact SOC at (313) 882-9600 to schedule an appointment.

SOC can also help you review the costs and benefits of the different supplemental and Medicare Advantage Plans (HMOs and PPOs) offered in this area. And if you’re newly eligible for Medicare, SOC can explain how each program works, the costs involved, how and when to enroll and make changes, and so forth. MMAP counselors are all independent volunteers with no affiliation to any insurance company, so they provide unbiased advice.

Low-income individuals may qualify for help paying for premiums and co-pays through the “Extra Help” and Medicare Savings Program. Contact SOC and a MMAP counselor can assist you.